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Waving Confidently

Student Life

Student life at Kingdom Bible College & Seminary is anything but usual. In fact, you’ll find that we’re a very active campus. Students, faculty, and staff alike lend their time and talents toward creating a campus culture that is both informative and fun.

At Kingdom Bible College & Seminary, you’ll frequently be presented with opportunities to see beyond yourself and inspired to share your abilities with the world around you. Whether it’s a neighborhood outreach, retirement home, a local church or another country halfway around the globe, you’ll learn how to step up to challenges and lead the way in creating change that benefits others. In the process, you’ll develop a depth and breadth of knowledge and skills that will prove life-altering.

Chapel Services

Kingdom Bible College & Seminary is one of the many ministries of Portering the Glory International, a global ministry with headquarters in Edinburg, Virginia serves as our college chapel. PTGI is an integral part in the spiritual formation of our KBCS students and is our hands on arena for ministry opportunities. Services are available online as well via the Portering the Glory International Facebook Page every Sunday morning at 10AM and Thursday evening at 7PM Eastern Standard Time.

Ministry Experiences

KBCS provides personal and memorable encounters as students participate and actively utilize their learned ministry skills.  The following are a sample of what students can choose to be a part of:

Audio/Visual Media

College & Career Group

First Impressions

Evangelism & Outreach

Business and Entreprenurial Professionals

Creative Arts & Design

Women's Ministry


Men's Fellowship

And many more...

Donating Food to Charity

Mission Service Opportunities

It is the vision of Kingdom Bible College & Seminary to reach the entire world for Jesus Christ and that involves taking the Word that He has given us to the nations. 

Missions opportunities include trips to Africa, Europe. South American and Asia as well as the United States.


Please contact Dr. Murray for more information at her number 540-481-0127 or via email

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