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  • How much does a degree/program cost?
    If you have investigated the tuition costs of most colleges and universities it is quite possible that you are overwhelmed. At Kingdom we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality education for a minimum cost. Tuition is handled in one of two ways: 1. Degree Program Method 2. Per Course Method The Degree Program Method has one lump-sum tuition price for the entire course of study; NOT PER YEAR! This means that no matter how long it takes you to complete your education, the price stays the same. The Per Course Method allows the student to pay for each course seperately. While this method is more expensive than the Degree Program Method, it is perfect for those who desire to take just a few courses without a desire to enroll in a degree program.
  • Is there student aid or scholarships avalible?
    Yes! Email Us!
  • Is KBCS online only?
    No, but in order to make a Kingdom education available to as many people as possible, our distance learning program was created to remove the stumbling blocks of location and time constraints. Students receive a link to a secure, cloud-based folder that will contain everything they need for the course including lecture notes, handouts, assignments, reading materials, and video lectures (when applicable). These resources can be accessed continually via an internet connection or they can be downloaded to your personal computer at one time, whichever works best for you! Students complete their studies at their own pace and turn in their assignments at the end of each course for grading and instructor feedback.
  • What is the accreditation for KBCS?
    Kingdom Bible College & Seminary is accredited by Theological Accreditation International, a private accrediting agency headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. KBCS works in partnership with Portering the Glory International of Edinburg, VA. Kingdom Bible College & Seminary is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia "23-276.2 (C) of the Code of Virginia exempts from the provisions of certification any postsecondary institution whose primary purpose is to provide religious or theological education. The titles of degrees, diplomas, or certificates awarded by a school that claims a religious exemption must reflect that the school’s primary purpose is religious training or theological education and is not secular or liberal arts education. An exemption granted after July 1, 2002 must be renewed every 5 years and denoted with an asterisk (*) on this list." -
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