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We have provided below some quick answers to questions most potential candidates ask. If you still have further questions, please reach out to us.

  • How much does a degree/program cost?
    At KBCS we are committed to providing quality instruction/education at a fair and equitable cost for all students. Tuition is calculated in the following manner: By Degree Program - Tuition/Fees are paid upfront for the entire program of study. You are free to complete your studies at your own pace without a time limit. Per Course - Tuition is paid one course at a time. This allows students who desire to simply enroll in a few courses instead of a full program of study. This is a great option for pastors or ministers who are simply wanting to augment their biblical studies. Please Note: An additional way that we provide accessibility of education to all is that we scale our tuition/fees to the currency of the country in which the student resides. This provides a fair and equitable way for everyone anywhere in the world to have the capacity to realize their potential and goal of developing themselves for God's Kingdom work. Contact us to learn about what your tuition/fee rate would be for your program at:
  • Is there student aid or scholarships available?
    Yes! If you are interested in studying and receiving a degree with us, e-mail us the following: Tell us about your current ministry work and how a degree from our institution would benefit the call on your life to advance the Kingdom of God. Email your submission to:
  • Is KBCS online only?
    No. Please see our Distance Learning Page to find out about our learning opportunities.
  • What is the accreditation for KBCS?
    Kingdom Bible College & Seminary is accredited by Theological Accreditation International, a private accrediting agency headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. KBCS works in partnership with Portering the Glory International of Edinburg, VA. Kingdom Bible College & Seminary is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia as our instruction as a postsecondary institution has the primary purpose to provide religious or theological education /training and not secular or liberal arts education.
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